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What Color is Your Heart?

8 Aug

grayheartclose2, originally uploaded by crrysstall.

This is not really one of he fun ties that I was speaking of a few posts back, but I wanted to show you this one real quick. Not saying that this anatomical heart tie isn’t fun, I just haven’t taken pics of the others yet (stay tuned!) Plus, I just listed this one in the shop. This tie was a custom order – the customer was buying it for a gift and liked the heart, but didn’t think the aqua background was right for the recipient. I rather enjoy the red against the dark gray, so I decided to make it a standard offering. This just serves as a reminder that anything can be made in any color you want, and your request may just inspire me to keep making more! By the way, I’ve also made the heart tie with a pink background – now a man that can rock a pink anatomical heart tie is always a friend of mine, ha!

Shrinky Dinks! Shrinky Dinks!

3 Mar

Have you ever heard of shrinky dinks? They are “magical”. Well, at least that’s what they say. If you haven’t, it’s shrink plastic that miraculously shrinks exponentially when heated. You can make all sorts of cool stuff with it, there is actually quite a bit of shrinky dink stuff on Etsy. Well, tonight is your night if you want to learn how to work with it! The Richmond Craft Mafia is having another Craft Lounge and the theme is Shrinky Dinks! I am actually really excited about this as I have tried to make a few things with shrink plastic some time back and was quite unsuccessful. You wouldn’t think you could mess something like this up – especially since the stuff was made for kids – but I managed to end up with some warped and bubbly pieces of plastic that weren’t so pretty. Was the oven too hot? Did I cook it too long? Who knows, but tonight I am determined to find out what I was doing wrong, plus make some really great pieces. I have some great ideas in mind for some small accessories for my Etsy shop that I have been wanting to incorporate for the longest. So, like I said, if you are intrigued by shrink plastic as much as I am or even if you just want to hang out with some members of the Richmond Craft Mafia and some of RVA’s other crafty individuals meet us at the Camel tonight from 7-9. Sweet.

500 hearts!

27 Jul

500 hearts, originally uploaded by crrysstall.

Cool. I never thought I would make it to this point. I remember the day I got my first heart, in fact, I remember the day when Etsy first launched the “hearts me” feature (well they both occured on the same day). I often wonder if as many people take advantage of the tool as should. It’s a great little bookmarking tool that allows you to basically see at a glance those shops that are your favorite and also keep up with what new items they’ve added to their shops. If you haven’t used it, you should try it, you just might like it.

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