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Welcome to the crystal j. silk Ribbon of the Month Club!

This is a fun new offering just for the folks out there who love to use handmade supplies for all of their crafting and artsy endeavors. crystal j. silk hand dyed ribbon is perfecto for all of your silk ribbon embroidery, jewelry and scrapbooking projects as well as for prettying up your special gifts and presents!!

You can choose how much ribbon you want to receive each month:
BIG BUNCH for $15.75: You will receive a total of either 10.5 yd. of 1/4″ ribbon or 9 yd. 1/2″ width ribbon each month.

SMALL BUNCH for $10.50: You will receive a total of 7 yd. of 1/4″ ribbon on 6 yd. of 1/2″ width ribbon each month.

Things you need to know:

  • Each month you will receive a mini-collection or one continuous piece of a new ribbon specially dyed by yours truly.
  • Your ribbon will be shipped in the second week of the month.
  • Shipping is free.
  • If you order after the first day of the month, you’re subscription will begin the following month.
  • Your subscription payment is through PayPal and will be processed the same day you subscribe and will automatically repeat on the same day each month of your membership.
  • Bonus: each piece of ribbon will be wrapped around a pretty paper origami shirt that you can re-use for more crafting after you’ve used all of your ribbon. Yay!
  • When you join you will be added to the what’s new! crystal j. silk newsletter mailing list so that you will know about any important changes to the Club in the future.


how much ribbon would you like?

To kick start the program {and your ribbon stash}, the first 20 subscriptions will receive an extra bit of ribbon in a surprise color with their first order!!

I would be so happy to have you! No doubt you will be eagerly waiting by your mailbox to be surprised each month with a delicious new color to use for you creative pleasure!

September Ribbon-of-the-Month:


I would hate to see you go, but remember you may unsubscribe at any time after you receive your first bunch of ribbon. All fun, no worries.

Just click the button below:

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